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Is it too late to start blogging?! My first blog...

As I anticipate the release of my very first CD days after a very busy New Orleans Jazz Fest this spring of 2023, I am asking myself a few important, if depressing, questions:

1. Who even releases CDs anymore? Do they even make CD players anymore? I know vinyl is popular again, I even see young hipsters carrying around cassette tapes, but CDs?! That's so 1990s.

2. Who has websites anymore? Isn't everything on social media nowadays? If you wanna learn about an artist, don't you just go to their Facebook page? Wait, that is so 2015. Don't you just go to their Instagram or [insert popular social media app I'm not aware of yet] page?

3. Who blogs anymore? I mean, if it was still 2002, I'd be riding a wave of bloggers changing the way we learn and socialize online. But it's 2023 and the idea of "I'm gonna start a blog" is old enough to drink Tropical Isle Hand Grenades.

Well, guess what, I live in a city that specializes in traditional jazz (over 100 years old), rhythm & blues (over 70 years old), funk (over 50 years old), and hip-hop (gasp! over 30 years old), so getting knee-deep in some outdated shit is normal to me. I still have an account, for Chrissakes!

So, with that, I'm still incredibly excited to embark on these new endeavors, however out-of-date the mediums are. I've been a sideman for 30 years, playing sax and writing with some great bands, so I've never really needed any of this. As I look back at all I've learned and experienced, though, I can't think of a better way to share my musical life with the world. Well, except for a 20 second TikTok dance video - nothing beats that, right?

Well, I'm gonna keep this first blog post super short and sweet. Upcoming blogs will talk about my new album, memorable gigs, and dig deep into educational materials I'll be sharing. Please don't forget to subscribe! (I think that's what I'm supposed to end with.)

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