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Welcome to my Education Page! I’ve been teaching saxophone and improvisation for over 15 years at Loyola University of New Orleans, and over these years I have compiled quite a few resources for students. These are the culmination of many years of playing gigs and teaching, and I’m excited to finally be able share these with you. Highlights include two articles I wrote for the Saxophone Journal on New Orleans Grooves, a carefully curated list of essential tunes to learn, and a comprehensive survey of alto and soprano saxophonists in jazz and popular music. This will be a place for students to conveniently download PDFs of my handouts, but I hope that all musicians visiting this site can benefit from these digital handouts. Many of these will be featured in my blog page, so be sure to check there for more information.


I am offering these educational resources for FREE. All I ask is that you sign up for my mailing list. If you got a lot out of this information and would like to contribute to helping me continue to put out more quality material, donations are much appreciated!

My two-part exploration of New Orleans grooves written for the Saxophone Journal.

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Wondering what tunes to learn? Start here!

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My comprehensive guide to one of the most important skills a student of jazz needs to hone – transcribing!

Great sets of progressions for anyone wanting a workout for their ii-V-I licks.

Want to improve your use of enclosures? Check this out!

This is the ultimate test of your chord reading skills.

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The most informative list of alto and soprano sax players you will find anywhere!

This guide to focused listening should be used by everybody wanting to get the most out of the listening experience.

Great sets of progressions for anyone wanting a workout for their Major, Minor, or Dominant 7th licks.

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